Mix and Match… Not dress but to Start both!!

Sit Spine erect, close your eyes, do nothing/do only one thing.

Every gurus and babajis tell the same simple way of meditation with few add-ons. But even though they seem simple and easy on the paper, It is very difficult for most of us who want to do nothing or to do only one thing – breath.

Awareness on breath is easy during deeper/faster breaths but even then we tend to lose concentration or when somebody suffocates us.

Solution to this is SOHAM.

Wondering if this one is another simple way? No. It is not.

  • When you Inhale – Sounds “SO”.
  • When you Exhale – Sounds “HAM”. — Try It.

It is not difficult because here it comes with a twist beyond many mind’s imagination….

  1. You’ll not sit with spine erect.
  2. No closed eyes.
  3. Do everything you normally do.

CYCLING, at least best with cycling because breaths will not be lazy ones to forget them. May be this one is Dynamic Meditation. Oh yes, You are MOVING while MEDITATING!. Definitely either deeper / faster breaths while cycling and more easier to concentrate upon.

And also, Cycling is enjoyable only when you forget paining bums and to divert your mind away from it – SOHAM.

SOHAM Cycling coming soon. #AdventureJunkie #GetOutdoors

with more emphasis on Meditative Cycling…No talking, No Gadgets, No Worries on speed and on anything else.

New Adventure – SEEKING

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