Pedal to the Pearls: Pearl Valley

It is called as Muthyalamaduvu in Kannada. They say there is a waterfall which forms an illusion of stream of pearls & hence the name pearl valley. But we found it dry every-time we pedaled there. Later onwards, we started using the destination for performance measuring.

From our perspective, event thought us many things. To set predetermined way-points, breakdowns improved our ability to manage things using our limited resources. We, Adventure Junkie feels proud to open door to others to “Get Outdoors!”. There were many in the group who pedaled after a long gap of at least 5 years. Mt Everest is attractive but its more appealing because of the effort it demands. If no effort is required to reach Everest, everybody can climb it and eventually loses its attractiveness & its same here, in cycling. You did something which majority of the population are hesitant to do. We applaud your effort for believing in yourself!

Distance pedaled = 75 km
Difficulty: Medium
Route: via Hosur road, chandapura>Anekal>Pearl Valley.
Group: Sujeeth, Vijayashree, Sharanbasappa, Nischal, Adithya bhat, Soumaya Maharana, Murugappan, Kedar, Swapnil, Mohit, Manoj Poddar, Manohar S, Chandan Singh, Sharath, Chandru, Varun, Arpan Shukla, Surender shukla, Vishu, Snehashis, Rajan, Abhinav Ankur, sourav.


  1. Chandrashekar B

    July 23, 2016 at 18:38

    Cycling to muthayala maduvu from BTM Layout …was really awesome….Memorable…meet new ppl…and got to know abt land navigation ..wanted to trek to more places nd participate in more cycling….:):)Thank u sujeeth sir

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