Kudremukh Trek

Team Size: 23
It was a memorable trip to Kudremukh Forests again for the second time and this time we did Kudremukh Trek. Our first visit here was in summer to Bavikonda Peak. The transformation of the forests due to monsoon was clear. Unique landscape when compared with other trails in Karnataka. Very Rich in Flora and Fauna.
Camaraderie that developed in this group was amazing. Thanks to all these wonderful people for joining us.
Satish Sats volunteered for the trip. Thanks to Praveen Kumar, Shreyas Hebbar, Sagar Iyer for helping us Pitch tents, Pack and consolidate Camping gear. Yashas Rn, Chetan Kumar S, Vinay Kumar, Swamy Raj, Anjan Prasad, Bharath Sagar, Pavan Vasanth, Sandeep. All the Beautiful pics are provided by Guru Prasad, Ganesh Gangotri, Bharath Kumar N.


  1. Cool well organized, hey team your awesome 🙂

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