Team size: 12

Difficulty: Easy but very hard against the tide.

River Shambhavi starts from Western Ghats and meets the Arabian Sea. River hardly touches any town or city. Away from population, River Shambhavi is known for its natural beauty.
Surrounded by dense trees, the river is the perfect gateway to nature.
We also get to see lots of Indian and foreign birds in the river.
It is one and half day long journey. Total distance is 30 km (including both ways).

It was an amazing experience to kayak 30 km in 2 days. Estuary is a good place to experience strong tides and shallow river waters. Barbecue on the banks of the river is Unforgettable. We were hosted by a family that stayed close to a dam. We had expected Mangalore brown rice for lunch but thinking we won’t like it, they prepared normal rice what we get in Bangalore. Immense respect for their hospitality.

Few of us delayed returning to starting point as we went to the family which hosted us to get raw tobacco as beedi making was their occupation and time spent was more than 40min and by the time we started our journey, tide was against us which delayed us by another 1hr 20min

Humidity was so high that we pitched in tents without rainfly as seen in the picture below. Have a look at the pictures taken along the route. If you are interested in attending such an exciting event, Contact us through “Get connected” Page

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