Traveling free/with very small amounts of money, is not for everyone.

Without money, nothing goes as you expect in regard to food, shelter and travel (obviously only if you are having expectations). Sometimes things go wrong.

But we feel it worth doing because the positives one gain from the experiences outweigh “may happen” negatives.

Best possible ways to travel for free are

  1. Bike-packing.
  2. Hitchhiking.

Having said that, If you are looking to travel in the cheapest possible way (but without having to hitchhike, bike-pack, free camp in unknown locations and do other crazy things we do) then you should continue reading…..

There are only three things we need for survival.

  1. Food
  2. Shelter/sleep
  3. Health

When traveling, though the list is not so clear-cut, we claim that we need to

  • See remarkable things
  • Meet beautiful people
  • Experience the place you travel to
  • Travel from one place to another place at least cost possible
  • Not get mugged / end up in prison or get fined by authorities

We at Adventure Junkie, encourage people to travel without expectations and help you to travel the same way we travel.

You can choose to volunteer to

  • Teach English/any skill you are familiar with, which help rural children or any other humanitarian work.
  • Nature Conservation
  • Market locally produced Handicraft thereby helping them generate revenue for their livelihood.
  • Adventure Activities

In return, we arrange basic food, shelter, health insurance (we don’t want you to bear any more expenses/time while traveling for free/least possible cost) and travel expenses.

To volunteer with us, visit

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