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Different settings available at Dirt Mania:

  • Paintball
  • ATV rides
    • On Track
    • On Trail – Nature ride
    • Night Trail



Paintball: On Target

Our well-equipped Paint ball arena provides a venue for groups of families, corporate teams and friends to indulge in wholesome and serious fun.


ATV ride: On Track

For the passionate driver, our track is all about letting your adrenaline take over you. One experience here is sufficient to ensure that you wouldn’t want to wait to jump back onto these monsters and unleash yourself.


ATV ride: On Trail – Nature Ride

At some of our locations, we give the ultimate experience to our customers to experience rides on Natural Terrain. These trails are discovered and scouted by experts for safe and exhilarating Nature Rides. Come ride with nature. If you are lucky, you might catch the sunset.


ATV ride: Night Trail

At select location, we offer night trails. Night Trails is a very special and unique offering from Dirt Mania. Imagine riding a machine navigating smoothly and listens as you whisper your command under starry skies. The timeless trail on a natural terrain dropping and rising under you. The headlights piercing through vastness on the sides. Cool breeze blowing across your face. Rare rabbits crossing your path. You connect with your silent inside while the bike roars.


Additional information


Not Applicable, Paintball 35 Shots, Paintball 50 Shots, ATV:The Sporty Pheonix:7km, ATV:The Sporty Pheonix:10km, ATV:The Sporty Pheonix:15km, ATV:On Track The Sporty Pheonix:2 laps, ATV:The Fiesty Trail Boss:7km, ATV:The Fiesty Trail Boss:10km, ATV:The Fiesty Trail Boss:15km, ATV:On Track The Fiesty Trail Boss:2 laps, ATV:The Gritty SportsMan:7km, ATV:The Gritty SportsMan:10km, ATV:The Gritty SportsMan:15km, ATV:On Track The Gritty SportsMan:2 laps, ATV:The Uber Cool RZR:7km, ATV:The Uber Cool RZR:10km, ATV:The Uber Cool RZR:15km, ATV:On Track The Uber Cool RZR:2 laps


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