Off road cycling at Turahalli is a weekly activity which makes up 15km cycling almost inside Bangalore @ 2km Off roading option! Though we have not tried any faster off-road cycling, cycling inside the forest trail is truely a stress buster. Watching Sunset from the top of the hill is something which we must do to get “out of the Bangalore experience”. We follow “Leave no Trace” Principle & also clean up to certain extent. Thanks to few NGO’s for setting up dustbin inside the forest area. Hoping to get in more people for “No Plastic Campaign” which we hope will take off sooner than expected.

Pearl Valley:

It is called as Muthyalamaduvu in kannada. They say there is a waterfall which forms an illusion of stream of pearls & hence the name pearl valley. But we found it dry everytime we pedalled there. Later onwards, we started using the destination for performance measuring. One side distance=34km

Pyramid Valley:

Is a Meditation & Spiritual Research Centre where they have Aura measuring instruments & many more sophisticated equipments. Distance of which being 35km from our usual starting point (BTM watertank). Cycling & Meditation seems to be intermingled. Both can be used to concentrate on breath! Cycling is Meditative & its same as Osho’s Dynamic Meditation (Chaotic Breathing). Join us & Try it…

Pyramid Valley

Pyramid Valley

Difficulty: Easy

Group Members:

Sujeeth, Suneeth, Ganesh Gangothri, Santhosh, Sharanbasappa, Prasanna, Vibhas, Nagaraj, Chaitra, Mukesh, Divakar Ranjan etc….

Hosur Temple Ride:

Group: Sujeeth, Satish, Arun, Edwin, Anup

Distance: 60km, 1km uphill.

Average speed: 15km/hr-19.5km/hr

Anup’s longest ride of 60km came after his long gap in cycling. We, Adventure Junkie congratulate him for pushing his limits. Thanks to Satish for coming from Koramangala and joining us (his 80km ride on that day)