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We, at Adventure Junkie have done quite a few 100+ km rides and three multi day cycling trips covering 700+ km in total. But this one is special. We set out to ride around 70 km to Hesaraghatta grasslands from BTM layout. Here are the few details about Hesaraghatta lake.

Hesaraghatta Lake

  • GPS Coordinates – 13.15 N 77.49 E
  • Area 1100 acres
  • Max Depth – 90 ft

Well, there is no water in the lake now. It was built in 1894 and once supplied water to the city. Grassland now spread across the entire area is a paradise for cyclists & is a quiet place to spend few hours on a weekend. Nrityagram and Vipassana Meditation center are other nearby places one can visit.

We met another cyclist who joined us for a ride around the lake, we explored the trials around the lake and visited a temple on the tank bund.

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On the way back we found a puppy limping across the road. He had struggled his way out of a drain and unable to walk properly. This little guy made this trip special. We took him to a nearby bakery & tried to feed him milk in a coconut shell. He was so weak that he dropped his face in milk without drinking it. Hesaraghatta lake is visited by many people on weekends who often come in cars, cyclists too frequent this place. But none of the cars stopped to help. Even the bakery owner refused to allow the puppy  in  the vicinity of his shop, reason – “who will remove the carcass if it dies here”

So we took him to CARE, Jakkur since their rescue vehicle was somewhere else. We carried puppy in small backpack. It was a revelation at the CARE centre. There were many abandoned animals, those hit in accidents, few cases of animal cruelty – a dog with no ears (A drunkard decided to have fun by cutting ears off completely).


Why did none of the cars stop to help that little puppy. Is it because they didn’t have time or their cosy cars get dirty if they help a stray dog? All those who abandon their pets when they get old and sick, those who turn blind-eye to animals in distress makes me wonder – Who is the animal!? Human with no humanity or a stray dog which can be your loyal friend??

When you show love to a dog, feed and care them they develop a lasting bond. And in return you get unconditional love, loyalty that none can match, for your entire life or till their last breath. This Diwali many more birds and animals may need help. It doesn’t take much time to find a rescue centre nearby and help those in distress.

Contact details of CARE, Jakkur:

Address: Near Jakkur Lake, Jakkur Rd, Nehru Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064
Phone: 094839 11110




  1. Thanks for being so kind to unveil the sweetness of humanity.

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