Stress busting activities
Stress busting activities
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Team Building Programs, Experiential Learning and Achievement based Motivation:

Every significant win can be and should be attributed to the collective efforts of everyone involved. In today’s world of numbers and data, a well managed and motivated human resource and their team work plays an important role. At Adventure Junkie, we offer unique team building games and outbound activities which helps our clients to develop an impactful employee force.

Themes covered during our corporate team building programs

  • Understanding self and others (Self and attitudes interpersonal needs their influence in-group.)
  • Interpersonal Styles / Skills and Intra Team Work.
  • Intergroup team building (Trust and Power).
  • Consensus Building processes and Decision-Making.
  • Conflict Resolution styles, strategies and Action Planning
  • Dealing personal blocks like; fear of failure, rigidity, pessimism, anxiety of uncertainty etc.
  • Level of Participants: Middle Level Executives to the top brass of your organization structure.
  • Language: English

Motivation and achievement complement each other. Outbound training experiences blended with task orientation helps managers to do and strive for higher goals. These achievements and accomplishments remain deep rooted in people’s memories and that too, often without  pressing refresh button, people motivate themselves and benchmark their own successes with their past.  At Adventure Junkie, we offer totally customized solutions for the motivation of one and all. Just spare some of your valuable time and in couple of hours of outbound training and experiential learning, we can help your enterprise’s jewels to shine and dominate the industry.

Let Adventure Junkie be your partner in building a work force that is motivated to meet the impossible!

Time Management Training for corporate:

Time is like a circus, always packing up and moving away. It is up to us to enjoy, get the most work done, extract the right amount of productivity and make the most of it while we still can.

Allow our team to help you figure it out!

With our tried and tested management training methodologies, we can help you devise a system and build a frame of mind for your enterprise’s workforce to become more productive, more successful and in the end more satisfied. Our outbound time management skill development programs are handcrafted to suit the industry specific factors that your organization operates in.

Themes covered in our corporate outbound time management programs

  • The need for managing time.
  • Identifying the time-wasters.
  • Examining one’s attitudes towards time.
  • How to gain the extra time.
  • Techniques of time management.
  • Level of Participants: Middle Level Executives to the top brass of your organization structure
  • Language: English
Corporate Stress Busting:

Are companies ensuring that employees are working only in the stipulated time and invest in making sure that they are not stressed while working to make company base line fat and healthy?

Big NO!

Competition and Expectation are pushing all human races to constantly perform and come up with a future which is only wealthy but not healthy. Truth of the moment is most of us work under tons of pressure, be it school students, a college graduate, an employee or for that sake top brass of any organization. Stress is a sword which hangs over ones head all the time.

We, Adventure Junkie, with the help of Nature, assist our clients to escape into some stress busting events at regular intervals. If time is a constraint, we aid our clients to steal some moments in their existing workshops/conferences and engage in something which is relaxing to orient their energy with our meditation classes like SOHAM & Vipassana, stress relieving activities and Talk-Plays.

Our corporate stress busting programs will get your will ready to face upcoming challenges. Every bit of demotivdissatisfaction that was getting your employees down will be dealt with, leaving behind a workforce that is prepared for more challenges – not stressful.

Personality Development Programs for Students:

Enhancing the skills and overall psyche of the youth of India is critical especially when a meltdown has already started. The lack of skills and attitudes is particularly visible among youths. Too many graduates but less jobs definitely demands unique personality skills which must be developed among the students. Our experience in working with corporate provides its unique advantage of understanding the industry expectations. We provide lot of modules of personality development through adventure and experiential learning program to aspiring youths.

Our programs are usually conducted in wilderness sites away from human civilization, in a tranquil and informal environment, up close with nature, people are found to become more introspective and uninhibited, paving the way for a complete and effective learning process.

Whether you are planning outbound personality development training for students of your school or college, we have custom built solutions to cater to all your expectations. Do give us a call to let us know how we can help you in building a bright future of India by working with the budding youth of the country.

For School Students:

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

Without a few moments of fun and excitement, work becomes boring and tiresome. Students are constantly under pressure of performing better. In the midst of rising cut off percentages and overwhelming burden of studies, every student deserves a day of relaxation and fun.

Play to relax and experience the detoxification which games and adventure can bring into life. Our uniqueness is to mix adventure and fun activities with personality building, to be experienced by the students of your  school in the midst of the full glory of nature. These activities thrill and rejuvenate the participants and elevate their motives to perform well.

If you are planning for an outing for the students of your institute/school do give us a call!