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Why should we camp?


The Idea behind camping is to give an experience of outdoor living. For most of us today, outdoor time is only when travelling to office & back home, of course shopping, dining. Camping just introduces you or may get you hooked to outdoor activity and adventures. Camping is an opportunity to spend a quiet evening with your dear ones under an open sky gazing at the stars or watching the moon play hide and seek behind the clouds. Engaging in any outdoor activity will increase bonding, teamwork be it with office colleagues, friends and family.

Come camp with us and enjoy an outdoor activity of your choice along with BBQ & Dinner. And experience the immense joy of camping out in the nature.


Night trek to most of the places in and around Bangalore are being banned either to keep up law and order or not to disturb wildlife. Safe and round about option is to camp in the midst of a farm to get outdoors and experience nature. Camping in a farm has its own advantage of being safe from vandalism, free movement of wildlife at night, water source, dinner arrangement, trying your hand at BBQ and Bonfire arrangement. We arrange what you ask for…